Moholy-Nagy Design Grant secured!

Moholy-Nagy Design Grant secured!

One of my latest footwear design ventures has been awarded by the Moholy-Nagy Design Grant. This project has been in my drawer for a while, but in the forthcoming six months I will have the chance to push this project even further. My goal is not less then to develop a new brand that can give a fresh perspective on sustainability.

Motivation can come from different places. This time it’s the whole Design Council board sitting on my shoulder:)

Exciting times ahead!


About the Moholy-Nagy Design Grant

The Moholy-Nagy Design Grant was founded in 1988 by three ministries on the initiative of the Industrial Design Council with the objective of promoting the professional development of talented young designers, contributing to the flourishing of Hungarian material and environmental culture and raising competitiveness of the Hungarian economy through the integration of design into innovation.